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Established circa 2006, BpXcellence is a consulting firm that focus on helping organizations managing their business processes to maintain best possible performance. Based on our experiences we have found that business process is just one part of an organization ecosystem. Strategy, Values, Technology and People has to be managed in an integrated manner to ensure sustainable peak performance.

Bpxcellence has advised & facilitated top Indonesian companies which are market leader in their industry on developing their Business Process Documentations (SOP) and their operational related Company Policies. Based on this experience in various industries BpXcellence has developed comprehensive methodology on SOP Development which named FIRE Methodology. A robust, practical and proven effective approach for developing and managing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in an Organization.

The firm has also taking a role as Implementer of Business Process Improvement Initiatives in major Indonesian Companies using Lean Six Sigma methodology and proprietary I-4 improvement methodology. Playing a roles as a genuine and neutral catalyst, enabling clients organizations Aware, Imagine, Think and Create the best possible alternatives to reach its vision and mission with minimum drag due to internal conflict or any negative common circumstances.

Our Experience on various industries is strengthen our believes that both technical and non technical requirements are critical for operational excellence. Our technical experience and competence will serve as a realistic path to robust business process design and development, while our interpersonal skills & people approach is available to ignite the energy and motivation of client’s employees to act together as one central force of transformation. Building a robust business process involves understanding the relationship between process performance metrics, critical customer requirements, and business strategy.


Gedung AEKI 3rd Floor. Jl. R.P. Soeroso No. 20, Jakarta 10330
Phone: (62) (21) 3192 3447 Fax: (62) (21) 3192 3446
Website: http://www.bpxcellence.com
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