Bpxcellence Team


Nanang Eko Raswandi
Managing Partner
MBB – Senior Consultan

PT. Astra Sedaya Finance
Bank Danamon
GE Finance
Transforma Global


Has been practicing and actively involves in Business Process Improvement, Quality Management Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Change management and Corporate Culture Deployment since 1996. Although his professional career mainly was in consumer banking and auto-financing industries , with mature experience, excellent interpersonal skills and comprehensive understanding of organization behavior he is proven to be able to facilitate non service firms such as manufacturing, mining and agriculture industries improving their operations in terms of results (effectiveness) and cost (efficiency).

Dyah Tri Asih
Head of Consulting Division
BB- Senior Consultant


PT. RF HighTek Indonesia
Samsung Electro Mechanics
BinaBusana(Triputra Group)
Transforma Global


Six years experience as Assistant Manager of Quality Control Department in world's leading high-tech electronic and electromechanics manufacturer, and later in apparel industry as Strategic Planning Head which plays key roles as a planning facilitators to Top Management, also acts as Quality Management Representatives for 2 years. As BpX Consultant in the last 3 years had been actively involved in Business Process Management and Six Sigma Improvement in various industry such as telecommunication, chemical, manufacturing, mining and multifinance

Head of Learning Division
BB-Senior Consultant

Astra Credit Companies
Transforma Global
New Armada Group

Former internal consultant at agricultucal industry especially acting as BSC Team Leader & Business Process Improvement Team and over 6 years in consumer financing industry as Sourcing Head, Core Business Process Improvement Head, and Quality Environment Health & Safety Management Representative (QEHS MR) with successful achievements in Productivity Improvement Project at Asset & Procurement Management and Service Quality Project.