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BpX has been serving in partnership with many clients (Both in consulting & learning Services) from various types of industry, some of which have even engaged us as a retainer consultant in their business operational excellence effort.

Some of our respected clients are:

Service Engagements Clients
  1. Business Banking - Business Process Improvement with Lean Six Sigma Methodology
  2. Mortgage - Business Process Performance Improvement with Lean Six Sigma Methodology
  3. Six Sigma Corporate Tranformation Program Phase 1
  4. Six Sigma Corporate Tranformation Program Phase 2
  5. Business Operations Management & Performance Management for Six Sigma Implementations
  6. Six Sigma Project Identification, Selection & Prioritizations
  7. Six Sigma Project Alignment to corporate performance Management HR
  8. Sig Sigma (Green Belt) Project Coaching & Improvement Implementation Advisory
  9. Project Presentation to BOD Prepartion & Coaching


1. New Business Proses Development

  1. Repo Asset Management & Asset Re-Marketing Process
  2. Mortgage - New Product Development
  3. Inorganic - Preliminary Study
  4. Collection Management System

2. Business Proses Alignment, SOP Documentations & Policy Drafting

  1. Commercial Lending end to end process
  2. Mortgage Lending end to end process
  3. Small and Micro Loan end to end process
  4. Auto Loan end to end process (2W and 4W)
  5. Retail Funding end to end core process
  6. Personal Loan end to end process
  7. Life Insurance end to end process
  8. Unit Linked end to end process
  9. Change Management Office
  10. Crumb Rubber Processing end to end process
  11. Networking Development end to end process
  12. Electronic Banking end to end process
  13. Mortgage - Collection & Recovery end to end process
  14. Freight Service end to end process
  15. SOP Development for Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) - Biro SDM





Human Capital Master Plan

  1. Organizational Design Benchmark (Structure & Meaning
  2. Company Vehicle Productivity & Efficiency Analysis
  3. Organizational Approach Office Layout Design
  1. Risk Management Advisory Services
  2. Strategy Formulation Consulting & Facilitations
  3. Strategy Execution Consulting & Facilitations

Busines Requirement Specification Document (BRD) Development for Enterprise Wide SAP Implementations


Business Requirement Statement (BRS) Development for ERP Implementation


ERP (Mincom) Change Management Consulting

Kirana MegataraSIS




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