Our Deed of Establishment No. 8, dated August 6, 2010, was drawn before public notary Hj. Nurmiati, S.H. The deed was ratified by the Minister of Justice & Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia on the decree Number: C-34.HT.03.02 of 2005, dated December 30, 2005.

BpXcellence was founded by four Six Sigma Black Belt professionals who have the same vision to build a better Indonesia by improving our client’s organizational Business Process. We help to formulate a best practice to excel in their business operation.

We believe that people are the best Most Important asset for a company. During the improvement, we coach, guide, and involve clients staffs and their key person to contribute their ideas and maximize the Utilization of their technology. By doing this, the company will have an excellent business operation and improving organization process corresponding to their specific needs.

Our methodology has been proven to deliver the best result to meet clients needs in various industry.

Our Approach is developed through cherry picking and combining the best of  management tools, such as Lean Six Sigma, Balance Score Card, TQM, Customer Journey Mapping and Risk Management, But aside from that , we have a believe the importance of Understanding industry practice and business models is very critical.

Currently, BpXcellence is led by Nanang Eko Raswandi who has abundant experience on facilitating organization process improvement in various sector of industries.

To deliver the best result for our client, we now have two different units with specific capability and services which are:


To Be The Prominent Operational Excellence Consulting.

♦  Trusted Partners for Operational Excellence.
♦  Increasing Regional competitiveness through business process improvement.

♦  Professional.
♦  Confidentiality.
♦  Independent & Balanced View.
♦  Collaborative Approach for Maximum Result.


Our Framework