As Trusted partner for Our Client’s Business Process Excelence BpX has a sets of service to match client’s need in improving their operational outcome. BpX is has years of proven experience in facilitating the process of Business process improvements, Policy development and Corporate Planning. Working together with clients to identify Opportunities, Potential Risks, and Business Models . These are consulting services that we provide:


Strategy Development

Using our experience on Strategy Development at well Established National, State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and Multinational Companies, enriched with our deep understanding on operational & organizational challenges. BpX is perfect partner for ensuring comprehensive and realistic Stratetgy Formulation tailor made for any Organization. the scopes may include: One Year Plan/RKAP, Five Years Plan/ RJPP or any strategic plan which may required.


SOP Development

BpX has many proven experience in delivering a consultancy service in SOP Development in many prominent and leading organizations and institutions. Our Unique Approach ensure availability of SOP that has adequate level of details but still easy to be understood and accepted by process executors.


Pre ERP Bussiness Blueprint Development

Business Blueprint is the most improtant foundation in any ERP Implementation. Business Blueprint is not a best practice implementation has to tune perfectly in accordance with operational and organizational current situation. Our Experienced and approach is designed to mitigate any ERP project risk related to improper Business BluePrint Design.


Lean Six Sigma Implementation

All BpX founders was Six Sigma Blackbelts from multinational and Indonesian Corporation that have successfull Lean Sixgma Implementation. Our Service in this category begin with small dose services such as Lean Six Sigma Introduction Workshsop, or a medium sized service such as DMAIC Project Coaching or a Massive Lean Six Sigma Implementation ini Corporate Level.


Business Process ReEngineering (BPR)

There are situations which company requires a specific major changes in Business Process to increase competitiveness or it’s just the only way to survive and Sustain. BpX has Helped several companies to ensure the BPR initiatives.