Cleaning Up Audit Findings @ Leading Life Insurance & Leading Multifinance Co.

Audit findings from regulators often become a burden for many companies. This is because findings have to be responded properly, which often become strategic issues. Many of the cases often require initiatives in adjusting or completing or even redesigning the Standard Operating Procedures.

Finding the right consultant in helping to solve this problem is often a bigger challenge for a company. The most common questions to answers are: (1) Do the Consultants understand the Industry Practices? (2) What do we need to provide in ensuring Consultants being able to capture the challenges and issues? Based on years of experience in SOP Development at various industries, BpXcellence has the opportunity to sharpen our SOP Development Methodology. One of the key steps is laying down the Company’s High-Level Business Process and our proprietary 3P Matrix Approach as a foundation and direction in SOP Development. By using these approaches, many issues in internal coordination and business performance were solved during the focus group discussion sessions.

After typically 3 to 6 months of engagement (depends on project scope), the SOP is ready and available to be implemented and legalized.